(NOQReport) – Washington Governor Jay Inslee may be the least self-aware politician in America. We can ridicule people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or shake our heads in disbelief at former Vice President Joe Biden, but even the intellectual lightweight from New York and the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee with mental acuity issues have reasons for being the way they are. Inslee has no excuse. He’s not stupid. He’s not suffering from dementia. He just lacks an understanding of why his own rules don’t apply to him.

The incident that prompted this critique happened earlier this week during an outdoor press conference when the basically made the case for people to ignore his executive order to wear masks at all times in public. It doesn’t matter if you’re indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re properly social distancing. According to Inslee’s order, only the very young or those who can prove wearing a face mask might kill them are exempt.

But that’s not what he did during the press conference. He removed his mask because he was outside despite not allowing other citizens in his state to have such a privilege. He removed his mask because he was social distancing despite that not being an exemption listed in his executive order. Then, he had the nerve to claim he was doing so because of the 1st Amendment.

His likely intention was to erroneously claim that freedom of the press meant he was obligated to make sure media members heard him, but that’s not how it was received. Instead, citizens of Washington took to social media to claim their own exemption based on the 1st Amendment. Even left-leaning local media had to scratch their collective heads and inquire about the apparent contradiction.

In the latest episode of Non-Compliant America , I discussed the incident, the implications, and the reality of mask mandates. They’re not what the left is claiming and they may be very dangerous to our nation’s health. Democrats often claim to adhere to science. They need to adhere to the science behind face masks if they want to actually protect their people.

The reality of face mask mandates is they have very little to do with keeping people healthy and much more to do with leftist politicians flexing their authoritarian muscles. This is why they break their own rules when they become inconvenient.