(NOQReport) – In his latest work, filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviews two groups of people on the same topic – the ‘defunding’ of the police. The first is group is in leftist East Village, who voice vehement support for the idea. Expressing support because supposedly law enforcement is the biggest threat to certain groups. We know this is false because of the facts such as those in a Wall Street Journal editorial entitled: No, Police Racism Isn’t an Epidemic .

“The data don’t show racial bias in police use of deadly force. A few viral videos don’t prove otherwise.”

He then journeys to Harlem to ask the opinions of some of its residents on the idea of abolishing the police. Spoiler alert, the second group is horrified of the idea of ridding the area of law enforcement. The second group clearly understands what is at stake. They know that a lack of law enforcement would mean the streets would be controlled by criminals.

This short 3 min video perfectly encapsulates the issues here, that there are those from the nation’s socialist left who care more about their power over the people than black lives.