(LibertyBell) – It doesn’t take any special insight to know that Democrat-run cities are in bad shape.

However, for those carrying water for the party, this can be a rather inconvenient reality, when you’re trying to promote the bad policies the Democrats continue to push as the cities they manage are in crisis.

The Washington “Democracy Dies in Darkness” Post recently tried to refute this claim, which President Trump has recently been pushing, but they failed miserably.

The graph they used to declare that “Trump keeps claiming that the most dangerous cities in America are run by Democrats. They aren’t” served to largely prove the president’s point, the Daily Caller reports.

Trump said Wednesday that “every one” of America’s “20 most dangerous” cities “are Democrat run.” WaPo’s analysis headline wrote that “Trump keeps claiming that the most dangerous cities in America are all run by Democrats. They aren’t.”

The article, however, did not provide a single city run by a Republican in the top 20 most violent cities per capita. According to data WaPo gathered to disprove Trump, 19 of the 20 cities with the most violent crime per 10,000 residents are run by Democrats. The lone city on the per capita list not run by a Democrat is run by an Independent.

“Most of the current mayors of these cities are Democrats,” The Post was forced to admit. “Two of the mayors of cities with the most reported violent crimes overall, though, are independents and one, the mayor of Jacksonville, Fla., is a Republican. Among the 20 cities with the most violent crime per capita, one isn’t a Democrat: the independent mayor of Springfield, Mo.”

The article went on to try and explain that most of the most violent cities are run by Democrats, despite originally claiming to refute this very fact.

“Cities generally have more crime than suburban and rural areas,” according to the article, adding that “that cities tend to be heavily Democratic.”

“Since there’s a correlation between size and amount of crime and between size and propensity to vote Democratic, it’s problematic to draw a causal relationship between crime and Democratic leadership,” the article claimed. “It may be the case that cities with more crime are more likely to have Democratic leaders. Such a comparison, though, is fraught, relying on the validity of reported crime data, the metric used to establish which cities are included in the analysis, the time period under consideration and so on.”

Not unsurprisingly, the article was widely mocked for this “analysis.”

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“So many things wrong with this piece,” National Review writer David Harsanyi tweeted. “Most obvious, headline says, ‘Trump keeps claiming that the most dangerous cities in America are all run by Democrats. They aren’t.’ [WaPo national correspondent Philip] Bump finds ONE city run by a Republican.”

“Trump is factually right” Harsanyi added, going on to call out Bump, the author of the piece, for seeming to change his tune from “Democrat-run cities aren’t violent” to “well, OK, they are, but here’s why” (our paraphrase).

“The most unintentionally hilarious thing I’ve seen in awhile,” Blaze Media’s CEO Tyler Cardon tweeted. “Severe TDS detected.”

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) also chimed in, joking that, Trump “is telling such clear falsehoods about crime & party leadership………. oh, wait….”