(NOQReport) – Black Lives Matter is a Neo-Marxist organization, but there are still millions of Americans who buy into the narrative that it’s about fighting systemic racism, police brutality, and income inequality. But even than false narrative is taking a beating with daily examples of Black Lives Matter “activists” invoking racism in an effort to supposedly fight racism.

The latest viral video depicts an African-American woman on a plane lambasting, well, everyone around her. The flight attendant wanted to go to her station. The passengers wanted to get their trip going. Everyone wanted her to end her racist rant and stop insulting those around her. She claimed she wanted to go to the bathroom. Nothing was stopping her except her need to express her discontent with a society that was just too white for her liking.

Racism is real. But what people like this fail to understand is their own racism towards Caucasians does not make the situation better. It drives people TOWARDS racism from every angle. She embarrassed herself by acting like an idiot and she made her message laughable and sad at the same time. This is Cultural Marxism in one of its ugliest forms.

One thing is certain. This lady does not care how poorly she is perceived as she skews the intended Black Lives Matter message. She makes a clear case for everyone of every skin color to abandon the “white privilege” racist narrative immediately.