(TeaPartyPac) – The Democrats have taken advantage of their stranglehold on the black vote for far too long, and it is finally coming back to hit them.

For decades, they’ve capitalized on narratives about justice and equality to assure American voters that they will improve the black community as their policies destroy it instead.

Poverty, government dependence, a revolving-door justice system, and climbing crime rates have ravaged minority communities for far too long and voters are getting sick of the lies and empty promises.

In Trump, many black voters saw a man who said what he meant and meant what he said. He looked them in the eye and asked them, after years of failed Democrat promises, “what do you have to lose?”

Indeed, the first three years of the Trump presidency saw record-low black unemployment rates, bipartisan criminal justice reform, and paradigm-shifting conservative black voices like Candace Owens, Kanye West, and Herschel Walker calling out the left for their false narratives and lies.

In the midst of a new wave of violent, far-left violence waged on American communities in the name of “racial justice,” as black business owners lose their livlihood and police officers who have vowed to protect the black community are increasingly demonized, regular, everyday Americans of all colors are raising their eyebrows at the authenticity of the Democrat’s commitment to helping this fraught community.

President Trump, on the other hand, is putting his money where his mouth is and promising real, effective change for all Americans.

No rioting or climbing murder rates involved.

Fox News first reported that on a visit to Georgia on Friday, “The president is expected to tout the plan as a bold vision that we can and will achieve over the next four years. The president’s plan, according to the campaign, will increase access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 billion, help to create 500,000 new Black-owned businesses, and help to create 3 million new jobs for the Black community.”

Indeed he did, rolling out his Black-Empowerment Platinum Plan which also designates both Antifa and the KKK as terrorist organizations and recommends lynching be classified as a federal hate crime (was it not already somehow?!)

His campaign team tweeted out some of the highlights of the announcement, which was part of a string of campaign events for the incumbent.

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Trump, of course, is currently running circles around former Vice President Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden, whose best promise to the black community is a rambling rant about a “bad dude” named Cornpop and a whitesplanation as to how the authenticity of one’s African-American heritage can be determined by their willingness-or lack thereof- to vote for the Orange Man.

Video: Trump delivers remarks on ‘Black Economic Empowerment: The Platinum Plan’