(NOQReport) – 1984 is here: Twitter suspends Kayleigh McAneny over Hunter Biden Tweet

The NY Post story is causing major waves. Now, those waves have reached the White House as censorship reigns over truth in Twitterland.

Twitter’s censorship has hit ludicrous speed over the NY Post story on Hunter Biden . They have suppressed the story to the point that people who Tweet it risk getting suspended. Newsbusters’s Curtis Houck was suspended a few hours ago. Now, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McAneny has been locked out of her account as well.

The NY Post story and its multiple follow-ups detail the actions of Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. In the emails leaked to The Post, Hunter Biden invoked his father, known in the emails as “my guy,” to leverage better pay and a longer contract to be on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Twitter, Facebook, and other Big Tech companies have done everything they can to keep the story from getting to the masses. Drudge Report, the news aggregator that once supported President Trump, has buried the story in an obligatory mention deep within its powerful homepage. But as the left scrambles to keep the story under wraps, Trump supporters have been busy getting variations of the story out there. The House Judiciary Committee posted the article on their government website.

It’s incumbent on patriots to teach Twitter a lesson about the ” Streisand Effect .” The more they try to suppress us, the louder we have to get to make sure every voter knows the corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden.

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