(TeaPartyPac) – The coronavirus has truly caused irreparable damage to America and to Americans. No, we aren’t talking about the actual virus itself, we’re talking about the damage done by isolation, depression, loneliness, the “together alone” lie, and this whole “new normal.” That doesn’t even include the economic effects felt by many Americans, namely small business owners many of which have had to close their doors for good.

The Democrats have used the virus as a political weapon against President Trump. They really believe that if they ruin their state’s economies it will cost President Trump the election. Apparently, they never considered that people would actually blame them and hold them accountable, rather than President Trump, for actions they have taken.

Democrat governors really aren’t working towards fully opening their economies or bringing back any semblance of normalcy to their constituents. They’ve gotten a whiff of unchecked power and they don’t want to give it up but also they still believe they’re hurting the President and if they can hurt the President they really don’t care if they hurt you along the way.

The elderly have been some of the most impacted by this entire manufactured ordeal. Not only are they among the most vulnerable for the virus but many are stuck in nursing homes that have been locked down for months. They haven’t been able to meet in person with their loved ones for the better part of the year.

Imagine sitting in a nursing home, living out the final years, months, days of your life and you’re prohibited from spending any of that precious time with the ones you love the most. That kind of heartbreak is just as dangerous for elderly nursing home residents as the coronavirus and one group of long-term care residents have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Residents at a nursing home in Greeley, Colorado, led by their Resident Council, organized and held a protest outside of their residence last week to oppose the state’s ongoing lockdown restrictions that are keeping them just out of reach of their loved ones.

CBS4 Denver reported that around 20 residents, many of which were in wheelchairs, joined together outside Fairacres Manor last Thursday and held handwritten signs with heartbreaking messages like “Prisoners in our own home” and “Give us freedom” and even one sign that said the resident holding it would rather die from COVID-19 than loneliness.

Fairacres Resident Council President Sharon Peterson had this to say, “We used to be lucky here at Fairacres to show each other what we mean to one another and we cannot do that anymore. Fairacres follows the rules and, with that, we think they would keep us safe while being able to be with our families again.”

“We did this because one thing we have to look forward to is a simple hug,” Peterson added. “It gives us meaning.”

How can states treat nursing home residents this way? No hugs from their children or grandchildren. No hand-holding. No physical touch whatsoever.

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The policy of the residence is that visitors are allowed but there is no physical touch permitted and they must maintain a distance of 6 feet.

“They want to be able to hug their grandchildren, they want to be able to hold the hands of their loved ones,” Ben Gonzales, an assistant administrator, said.

Loneliness among older Americans is something that has been on the rise even before the pandemic took isolation to the next level. A 2018 AARP survey discovered that about one-third of the more than 3,000 “midlife and older” Americans questioned said they feel lonely.

Elderly people sure have gotten the short-end of the stick during this national “crisis” and some states it has been much worse than others. In states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York deranged, power-hungry, Trump-hating Democratic governors purposefully funneled confirmed COVID-19 positive patients into locked down nursing homes. We can only assumes this was done to inflate state death tolls. Over 60% of the deaths in these states can be attributed to these devastating policies.

These governors can’t even pretend they weren’t aware of what was going on. Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary “Rachel” Levine pulled his own mother out of a PA nursing home and placed her safely in a hotel.

While some elderly nursing home residents around the country have been left to deal with isolation and loneliness, others have been preyed upon by sick, hate-filled tyrants looking to further their political agendas.

We must never forget the way in which the elderly have been treated throughout this time ruled by COVID-19.

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