(NOQReport) – Tucker Carlson goes off on Big Tech… and any Republicans standing by doing nothing

This isn’t just about Republicans versus Democrats. The Big Tech censorship of the Hunter Biden story is pointing a spotlight at feckless Republicans not willing to stand up for us.

Lost in the turmoil over Big Tech’s censorship of a NY Post story that exposed Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s dealings with Burisma and Ukraine is the fact that many Republican lawmakers who claim to stand up for freedom are standing by and doing nothing. Fox News host Tucker Carlson isn’t sitting around playing partisan politics, though.

On his show Wednesday night, he and guest Saagar Enjeti described the censorship as in-kind donations by companies like Facebook and Twitter to the Democratic Party to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. They concluded that things were bad enough under President Obama, but if Joe Biden is elected, things will get 10, 15, or even 20 times worse.

That’s when Carlson went after the GOP itself. It’s not the whole GOP, just those who are not standing against this clear violation of our rights through Big Tech censorship. These are companies protected under Section 230, which means they are supposed to be “platforms.” But they continuously act like content producers who should not carry the protections they enjoy. Republican lawmakers who are not fighting against this are either ignorant, complicit, or both, and Carlson plans on calling them out in the near future.

Carlson wasn’t the only one to point a finger at Republicans. The First’s Jesse Kelly echoed the sentiment.

We can blame Democrats for encouraging the Big Tech censorship that has been rampant for the last four years, but we must also call out the GOP lawmakers who allowed it to happen. Some are fighting for us. Many are not.

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