(LibertyBell) – Conservatives in Hollywood are a rare breed. Most of them have to hide in fear of being ostracized and attacked by the leftist mob that rules. Fortunately, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight is not afraid of these bullies and tyrants and is taking a stand against the leftist corruption.

In a recent video, Voight issues a warning to all Americans that we will be “in great danger” should we find ourselves under a Biden administration. This is no understatement.

In the almost 2 minute video Voight also talks about the absurdity in California under the leadership of Governor Newsom and further warns that the election was fraudulent and calls on Americans to fight.

He starts out the video by saying that we are “heading down a street that has no name now” and that’s a pretty accurate depiction of what’s going on and where the out-of-control, corrupt left is taking us.

This is uncharted territory. There have never been such prevalent, pervasive, and destructive forces from within our own country doing everything they can to bring it down and completely transform it and it all started with the cancer that is Barack Obama.

Still today, Obama has been showing up on televised interviews to “promote his book” but really it’s just a guise to spread dangerous misinformation and propaganda. He is the leader of the Deep State of which Joe Biden is merely a puppet.

He says we mustn’t let our nation “crumble” at the hands of the left who want to destroy it and warns of the danger we will face under Biden.

Biden isn’t the only one Voight has an issue with. Being a California resident he has lived for himself under the rule of the state’s overlord Gov. Newsom. He slammed Newsom for “taking away our freedom” and aptly called him a “disgrace to mankind.”

Voight pointed out that California, like many places in the US, are being “ruled by a leftist mob.” He called out Newsom for destroying the lives of many Californians “who depended on their businesses” and stated that Newsom is looking to shut down the state yet again.

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Many states share this sad reality as a result of their power-hungry Democratic “leaders.” States like New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are being utterly run into the ground by these wanna-be emperors and Americans are the ones paying the price of their tyranny.

Voight calls Newsom and all of the left “a lie” and they very much are. They base their decrees and edicts on supposed “science” but the science that supports the lockdowns, the extreme measures, and the “new normal” just doesn’t exist.

In his video, Voight went on to implore all Americans to “fight this battle now” and “get them all out.” Though, in light of the widespread fraud and corruption that has plagued the 2020 presidential election, one has to wonder how long elections around the US have been compromised. Do we even have the ability to “get them all out” now?

Voight said that his “fellow peers” in Hollywood will accuse him of “preaching violence” but points out what we all know, it is actually them who preach violence. They call for unity but we all know it’s a charade. What they really want is submission and obedience … or else.

In closing, Voight says that we need to “bring justice to the Supreme Court” to expose the corruption of the left and “their fraudulent votes.” He asserts that “President Trump is the only man that can save this nation,” and urges Americans to fight against “this evil.”

He ended by saying that “We must remember who we are. We are a nation that fought the Civil War and we won that battle. Let’s not give up. God bless.”

We are indeed in the midst of a cold Civil War and Voight’s message is powerful. His warning is one that all Americans would be wise to heed. Unfortunately, too many have their heads buried in the sands of public health safety or progressivism or complacency to see the light.

Those of us who see the truth must take a stand now and fight back before it’s too late. We are the majority and silence is no longer an option.

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