(NOQReport) – In the wake of the Capitol siege on Wednesday, there was but one thing of which I was absolutely, completely certain: Rather than take the time to honestly assess what happened and why, almost everyone involved would work very, very hard to take the wrong lesson from it.

Part of it is political brinkmanship, a crass and cynical attempt to take advantage of events to push an agenda-much like calls for greater gun controls in the wake of a mass shooting. Part of it is the hubris that is an inevitable result of living in the DC bubble, which is a veritable black hole of narcissism and ignorance so fetid and powerful that neither logic nor reason can hope to penetrate or escape it. And still another part of it is the all too human tendency to view everything through preconceived filters that hardwire us pronounce judgement first and ask questions later, consequences be damned.

Need proof? It isn’t hard to find-particularly in the so-called “conservative” media. Take, for example, David French, formerly of National Review, a writer for whom I used to have great respect and now hold in utter contempt. Climbing aboard his diminished soap box to signal his NeverTrump virtue for the umpteenth time, he took a position that you’d be hard pressed to distinguish from your average columnist from Mother Jones or The Nation.

Insurrection-a term I never saw French use in describing the riots that engulfed Washington, DC during Donald Trump’s inauguration, nor when protestors occupied Senate offices and banged on the doors of the Senate Chamber during the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. And now that he’s actually gotten what he wanted, with Trump’s concession and imminent departure from office, his call is to prosecute the rioters as enemies of the state, impeach the President and expel two sitting Republican Senators? Mind you, this man has sanctimoniously worn his Christian faith on his sleeve for years, using it to assert his moral bona fides (and his superiority to you Trumpist rubes). . .and now here he is, preaching from the Book of Revenge, which would only further serve to inflame millions of people who are already angry over what they see as a stolen election? Far from the angel he pretends to be, David French is acting as one of the Devil’s minor minions.

Every bit as bad is the GOP establishment itself, exemplified by one of the Swamp’s longtime bottom dwellers Lindsey Graham. The Senator from South Carolina, who just won election in 2020 in no small part because of President Trump, couldn’t wait to hop on the insurrection bandwagon as well, bloviating about the need for the FBI-an institution he supposedly had favored investigating over its part in the Russia Collusion Hoax-to get involved with the Capitol Hill protest and treat it as an act of sedition.

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Again, Graham made no calls for this when leftist protestors threatened Republican Senators during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings-from which he obviously learned nothing, in spite of him criticizing his Democrat colleagues for turning that process into a circus of innuendo, smears and downright character assassination. Instead, this paper tiger of a man, who has been blathering to every cable news talking head who will have him about how we’re gonna get to the bottom of the Russia hoax, how we’re gonna have indictments any day now-and yet somehow never delivered-is now talking tough on charges of treason for protestors. Hey, Lindsey! Did it ever occur to you that the Capitol attack was unprecedented for Trump supporters, who have, up until last Wednesday, always been peaceful? Did it ever occur to you to ask why that changed? These are, after all, the same people who just sent you back to the Senate for another six years-but it’s obvious you don’t have the first clue about their concerns, assuming you ever cared in the first place.

Finally, we have the Democrats-incarnate by the addled, shuffling senile old man Joe Biden, now President-elect of the United States, a man who a few shot weeks ago called for unity and healing, but just yesterday took to the airwaves to deliver remarks far more incendiary than anything Donald Trump has ever said.

Sure, Joe-it’s true in the sense that on Capitol Hill, an unarmed female protestor was shot and killed (most likely by police), which amounts to more casualties than were killed by the cops during all of last summer’s riots combined. But let’s memory-hole that, and further inflame a situation that calls for a calm, reasoned response-you know, a return the precious norms you promised would be a hallmark of your administration. The truth, however, is that Biden (or, as more likely, the people running him behind the scenes) aren’t interested in peace and calm. With the help of the leftist media, they’re doing what they always do: keeping the citizens at each others’ throats, squabbling with each other over this and that, while the Uniparty State-Republicans and Democrats both-sells us out to their corporate overlords who care more about their business opportunities in China than they do about their own country.

Then again, all of this only works if We the People fall for it-and right now, far too many of us have been playing our designated roles as suckers for the Deep State. If we continue down that path, things will only get worse. Government, using Big Tech as their proxy, is already using the events this week to clamp down on free speech, permanently banning Donald Trump from social media platforms and suspending conservatives left and right. How many other civil liberties end up on the chopping block is anyone’s guess. The only way out is to stop listening to the steady diet of lies and hate that we’re being fed and act for real change within the bounds of the law.

And start being right for a change.