(NOQReport) – For the sake of “fact-checkers” who will be tasked with combing through this article so they can justify suppressing it, I’ll put the relevant parts up front to save you time. The presidential election was stolen. Of this, there is little doubt in anyone who isn’t a partisan hack and who has actually examined even a portion of the evidence. For Big Tech companies like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and others to censor the very mention of “fraud” is the true insurrection that’s happening in this nation.

President Trump’s attorney and podcaster Rudy Giuliani did a breakdown on his show, Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense , that described the events that occurred in Washington DC on January 6th. The fictional retelling of those events by mainstream media and Democrats is being used as the predicate to try to remove the President from office. It’s a broken record that somehow makes slight adjustments to its tune, just enough to keep the sheep from realizing they’re being sold the same lies in a different package.

But this video was removed by YouTube, as YouTube has been wont to do in recent weeks. NOQ Report has had videos removed for the silliest reasons. As much as we dislike Facebook, at least their censors are willing to give us reasons. YouTube just screams, “No soup for you!”

It’s time to abandon YouTube. I know many already have. I also know others have been reluctant because, let’s face it, there’s just no other provider that has the depth of content that YouTube has. We’d make the switch to Rumble and completely abandon YouTube if Rumble had livestreaming. Maybe they will someday. Until then, many are stuck using YouTube if we want to have access to the largest selection.

There are ways to make the switch to Rumble , Bitchute , Brighteon , or a combination of the three (and there are others, I’m sure). First and foremost, we must support them with our digital patronage. If you’re searching for a specific video or subject, try searching there first before going to YouTube if you simply can’t find what you seek. About half the time, I find what I need on the freer-speech alternatives.

Smells like FREEDOM. Order Founders Blend Organic Coffee from Freedom First Coffee . Use “NOQ” as the promo code for 10% off!

Content producers should definitely be uploading to these sites even if you’re already uploading to YouTube and/or Facebook. As Big Tech gets bolder, censorship is only going to increase in scope and frequency. Having the backup alone is the peace of mind content creators need.

Lastly, for those who are using an adblocker, you should consider turning it off when visiting sites that support your worldview. I know, ads can be annoying. Don’t tell the boss but I used to use an adblocker when I visited this site. But I whitelisted this site and most other conservative sites.

All of these steps are annoyances. They can rob us of convenience and can take more time to accomplish our goals of the moment. But it’s going to be worth it in the long run if we stop supporting Big Tech tyrants. Whether you make the commitment to go cold-turkey or you do it in steps, just make the effort to do it. As the boss mentioned in an article this morning, we must stop supporting the companies that hate us .

Nothing Rudy Giuliani said in this video is untrue. But it goes against the Big Tech mandated narrative, so therefore it is anathema. We need to help Rumble and others grow. YouTube’s value is dependent on us continuing to use it.


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