(NOQReport) – Even before Joe Biden was inaugurated as president, he and his team were calling for an end to the Keystone Pipeline . The fourth leg of the energy project, Keystone XL, has been delayed, then resumed, and now delayed again by three presidents since 2015.

It attracted opposition from environmentalists, becoming a symbol of the battle over climate change and fossil fuels. At least that’s the story we’ve been hearing from mainstream media, environmental groups, and the Biden administration. But Donald Trump Jr. has a different, more lucid take on what’s been happening.

Billionaire Warren Buffett and other major donors to Democratic candidates clearly benefit from an end to Keystone XL. Their methods of transportation, from rail lines to semi-trucks, benefit from the diminished effectiveness of the pipeline. The oil will still come, but now it will have to be transported less efficiently and at higher cost to consumers.

But does it benefit the environment? No. Many of the original complaints against Keystone XL have been debunked. Moreover, the change in transportation style does more to harm the environment than the pipeline itself. Conservationists have a claim, but climate change environmentalists have backed away from their complaints because as long as demand for the oil remains high, it’s going to continue to flow in ways that are less carbon-friendly than the pipeline.

It really does come down to the money and the Democratic donors.

We’re barely two days into a Biden administration and the skirts are already being lifted on the hypocritical policies. Blocking Keystone XL has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with leftist megadonors.