(InfoWars) – During an interview with Newsmax, Donald Trump didn’t rule out running for president in 2024.

When asked by host Greg Kelly if he was “thinking about running” in 2024, Trump didn’t give a definitive answer, but he did point out the spontaneous crowd of Trump supporters who lined the streets of a route Trump’s motorcade was taking on President’s Day.

“We had a thing the other day where we were trucking along and all of the sudden we had literally thousands and thousands of people,” he told Kelly. “I guess it was pretty well-covered [by the media], but mainstream doesn’t like covering it because, you know, it’s too positive.”

“There were thousands of people waving flags… the American flag, Trump flags… it was an incredible scene and they heard I was going to be going that way, that route, and it was an incredible scene and it grew out of nothing.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Trump left a decision up to his supporters, and although some will ask why bother if he was “defeated” by voter fraud, it’s possible that the establishment would have a harder time rigging an election a second time if everyone’s aware of the possibility.

Later in the interview, Trump admitted he’s been purposefully quiet since leaving office, and said that he’s heard Twitter has become “very boring” after he was suspended from the platform, adding that “millions of people” are leaving Twitter.

“They’re leaving it because it’s not the same and I can understand that.”

Trump also said he’s under negotiations with several social media outlets and said that he may even create his own site.

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