(NOQReport) – Sundance of The Last Refuge [i] looks into something that also puzzled me: why were multiple FOIA requests for the emails of Dr. Anthony Fauci all released at the same time, and why now? Using his time-tested technique of constructing timelines and comparing the current FOIA release with another key FOIA release, he constructs a thought-provoking theory. As so often in the past, he sees a tacit plot behind the events that capture so much attention. Fauci 6/03/21 on MSNBC ( Youtube screengrab)

He constructs this sequence of recent events: A once beloved Bill Gates, the primary advocate for COVID vaccines, suddenly became a target by the political left. It was quite a shift.

The White House announces their support of investigation into the origin of COVID-19.

Media report on State Dept investigators who were handcuffed during their research into the COVID origination.

Suddenly discussion of the “Lab Leak Theory” was permitted by those who control the platforms of speech.

Media then report of Anthony Fauci gaining a lucrative book deal. Joe Biden gives a speech in Oklahoma on Tuesday; and immediately thereafter the White House announces no more public appearances for the remainder of the week. The Fauci emails […]

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