For all the conservatives who are hand-wringing over the seemingly slow pace of the Durham investigation, there is one person who knows exactly what the special counsel is up to and whom he’s closing in on: Hillary Rodham Clinton, and it appears she doesn’t like what’s coming.

If Hillary were in any kind of personal legal jeopardy, what card would she play? Turns out she’s been down that road, back in 2017 , and it worked:

The Justice Department’s inspector general announced Thursday he is probing the FBI’s handling of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server during the 2016 presidential campaign. The decision revived Democrats’ arguments that FBI Director James Comey helped swing the election in Donald Trump’s favor at the same time as he once again finds himself playing a central role in the most sensitive political story of the moment: briefing the President-elect on unsubstantiated allegations that Russia has compromising information about him.

While the drive-by media narrative is that any mention of criminality regarding Hillary is verboten , we also know that Biden’s Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation won’t go there. But be assured that Donald Trump, if he decides to run again, will bring up the whole Steele dossier/Trump-Russia collusion thing, no matter who his opponent is. And while the pro-Democrat media will shrug it off as old news, John Durham will not…and he may start handing Clinton bad news soon.

So what would be the only shield Hillary has available to keep a prosecution away from her?

A run for president.

Let’s not forget that Hillary doesn’t need to run. Aside from a bruised ego that still refuses to let her give up her sense of being robbed in 2016, she’s living a relatively good life. She has book and podcast deals and an assortment of potential media deals at the drop of a phone call to the 818 area code. She can drink all the chardonnay she wants, and no one sees her fall over. She knows all that another run for president would bring. But what she also knows is that John Durham could put a serious crimp in her financials, if not her freedom.

That is, Hillary’s Durham’s ultimate target, and she knows it. Opposition research coordinated between her campaign and the DNC, culminating in the Russia smear that resulted in millions in investigations, as well as warrants, prosecutions, and the continued smear of a United States president, was something that only the candidate could have green-lighted. Hillary Clinton was solely responsible for that Big Lie.

So when the pundit class speculates about the motives for yet another Hillary run for the presidency, here’s something else to consider: she wouldn’t be doing so to get a second crack at Trump or try to help the country. It would only be to save her pantsuit-clad derri re . If she does go as far as announcing a run, you’ll know that really bad Durham news is soon to follow. Then she’ll scream to her friends for sympathy, insisting it’s a political smear.

She would know.